Carpeting is ideal for many residential spaces

Carpet works well on stairs since it provides traction to prevent slips and falls. It’s great in bedrooms, where it is warm and cushiony underfoot. It’s ideal for the family room, where the kids like to lounge on the floor. State 48 Floors, a carpet retailer in Tempe, Arizona, can help you find the perfect carpet for any space. Our flooring specialists are knowledgeable about the latest carpet styles.

Loop and cut pile

Pile refers to the length of strands of fibers as well as the density of those fibers. Carpet is made with loops of fiber, and those fibers can be cut at the tip to create additional styles. Traditional Saxony, the most common type of cut pile, comprises even lengths of fibers that stand upright. Low pile loop carpet, which resists crushing and matting, is the most durable type of carpet.

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Nylon and triexta

Nylon, the most popular synthetic fiber, and triexta are two of the toughest and most durable carpet fibers. Nylon is treated for stain resistance in the factory while triexta, introduced into the marketplace in 2009, is inherently stain resistant. Both handle high foot traffic well. Triexta is the softer of the two fibers, but nylon is more resilient, or able to bounce back from compression.

More fibers

Other synthetic fibers are available. Olefin resists mold and mildew, so it is well suited for basements. Polyester, available in vibrant colors, feels soft underfoot. The fiber can’t withstand high foot traffic, but it is perfect for bedrooms. Acrylic looks and feels like wool, the best carpet fiber. Other natural fibers like sisal, jute, coir, and seagrass are also durable and attractive.
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Padding, or underlayment, is an important part of the installation process. It prolongs the life of carpet floors by absorbing the impact of foot traffic. The pad is compressed by weight and then bounces back once that weight is lifted. Also, the cushioning provided by padding makes the carpet more comfortable to walk on. The thickness needed is dependent upon carpet style.

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