Tile and stone can be used to create unique flooring

Most often, stone and tile floors are found in kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms. This type of upscale flooring repels moisture and stains so it's easy to clean up mud, water, and spills. If you are looking for a floor that is unique to your home, a stone floor can be ideal. Tiles in different colors and styles can also be mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind floor. For floor design ideas, you can browse through stone and tile samples at State 48 Floors in Tempe, Arizona. We have a wide variety of the trendiest styles.

Tile flooring

Ceramic and porcelain, a type of ceramic, are the most popular tile materials. Both are made of clay that is hardened in a kiln at high temperatures. Coarse clay is used to shape ceramic tiles while fine kaolin clay is the main component in porcelain tiles. Porcelain is inherently waterproof, and it is denser and harder than ceramic. Glazed ceramic tiles, which tend to be solid-colored, repel water well. Porcelain tiles come in colorful designs as well as designs that mimic stone and hardwood flooring. Porcelain can be used outdoors in warm climates.

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Stone flooring

Marble, slate, travertine, quartz, limestone, sandstone, and granite are common natural stone flooring options. Each stone has different characteristics so it is important to choose the stone that is best suited for a specific location. Since stones are porous, the floor needs to be sealed when it is installed so it is not damaged by bacteria or stained by spills. Engineered stone, which usually comprises crushed quartz crystals and resins, is also favored by homeowners. Terrazzo flooring is another popular composite material that includes chips of marble, quartz, and granite.

Stone floor repair

While an eco-friendly stone floor is very durable, it should be sealed every few years to keep it protected from daily wear and tear. Holes, cracks, and chips can be repaired, and grout can be replaced or resealed. Damaged stone can be fixed with epoxy and then tinted with color so the repaired spots are not noticeable. A buff color, or the brownish-yellow pigment that's found in earth-tone stones, is often used.

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