Hardwood restoration and sanding


Hardwood restoration and sanding

Hardwood flooring is guaranteed to have a ‘just-installed’ look over its long lifespan if it receives proper care. This includes taking preventive measures to keep damage to a minimum as well as taking advantage of restorative services like hardwood sanding and buffing. State 48 Floors provides a hardwood restoration service in the Tempe, AZ area, including the communities of Tempe, AZ, Mesa, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Paradise Valley, AZ, && Chandler, AZ. We are a fully insured, business that takes pride in our work and our individualized service.

Preventing damage

It's best to keep sand, dirt, and debris off a wood floor or remove it as soon as possible since it can scratch hardwood. Consider adding a daily broom or microfiber mop sweep to your daily chore list. Also, the floor should be vacuumed with a soft-bristled attachment at least once a week. Use mats and protective pads where appropriate.



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Buff and recoat

A hardwood floor may not need to be sanded down when it is worn. A buff and recoat may be enough to rejuvenate the floor if it is lightly scratched or if the sealant layer has worn down. The floor can be buffed by hand or with stand-behind machinery, and it only needs to be buffed where needed. Then a floor sealer can be applied to the entire floor.


All the stain and finish are removed when a hardwood floor is sanded. Water stains and shallow scratches disappear when the wood is smoothed out. If a few boards are badly damaged, they can be removed and replaced. Once the floor is sanded down, a new stain can be applied, or if a natural look is preferred, only a sealer is needed.
Hardwood restoration and sanding in Tempe, AZ from State 48 Floors


If there is significant damage to the entire floor it needs to be replaced. Damage from deep scratches, dents, or pet stains can’t be removed by sanding down the wood. If the floor has been refinished many times, it may not be possible to sand the wood again so replacement is necessary even if there is no significant damage to the surface.

State 48 Floors has a showroom in Tempe, AZ. When it comes to hardwood flooring sanding and restoration, we offer dustless flooring removal, sanding, and finishing services. We restore, stain, and also add baseboards to our work. Our hardwood refinishing team can make your wood floors look new again. It’s easy to get your restoration project started by stopping by our showroom and have a friendly chat with a flooring specialist.